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LexMark X7500 All-In-One

MFP Options by Lexmark allow the flexibility to upgrade your network printer to incorporate copy, fax, scan-to-network and e-routing capabilities to meet the specific needs of your business.


  • Supported printers: Lexmark W820n and W820dn with printer firmware version 612.014 or higher.
  • Easy-to-use color touchscreen allows access to all print, copy, fax, scan-to-email functions
  • UP to 40 spm, 50 page ADF with duplex and A3/11 x 17 support
  • Automatic image processing for enhanced digital copy quality
  • Seamlessly integrates with corporate network for secure access and document routing
  • Enterprise directory look-up enables easy-to-use scan to email and faxing
  • Interactive prompting at touchscreen for distributed, real-time indexing, routing and archival


Lexmarks first A3 MFP Option with an integrated 7.7 inch color touch screen! The X7500 MFP Option places innovative technology and multifunction capabilities at your fingertips. By upgrading your existing W820n or W820dn printer with the X7500, you can now scan your documents and fax or email them at the MFP to wherever you want. The X7500 also offers secure directory look-up for walk-up use.

Business Solution Integration

The X7500 MFP Option upgrades your existing W820n or W820dn printer. It integrates into your existing corporate security system, allowing administrator-enabled access control for copy, fax, and scan-to-email functions. The corporate address book can also be integrated to search for email addresses or fax numbers at the MFP.

Document Workflow Solutions

The X7500 MFP Option is also compatible with the optional Lexmark Document Solutions Suite. This suite offers solutions that can work together to offer powerful, flexible implementation of electronic forms creation and merge, document capture and electronic distribution, on-demand document retrieval and printing functionality. Robust routing, indexing and archiving capabilities are also available and can be achieved with one-touch simplicity and accuracy. Whatês more, using the robust network scanning capabilities of this multifunction system in conjunction with Kofax Image Products revolutionary new Ascent Ricochet software, your people can capture, review, index and insert document images into your EDMS or workflow environment faster, better and more economically than traditional scanning measures.

Reliable and Versatile Function

The X7500 MFP Option scans up to 40 pages per minute. Complete with duplex network scanner, 50-sheet ADF, and optical resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi, the X7500 is a high-volume, multitasking, modular multifunction solution. The fax capability on the X7500 accommodates walkup fax, fax from PC workstation, memory send, speed dial, automatic retry, and delayed send. Management is a snap, with automatic and centralized installation and updates, remote support, and asset management through MarkVision Professional.

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