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Keeping You Gruntled

A lot of people don't know that gruntle is actually a word, not just a wry take on the word "disgruntled." According to thefreedictionary.com, not only does gruntle mean "cause to be more favorably inclined," but it also means "to grunt repeatedly."

Gruntled Definition

Ironically, our mascot, Max the Sasquatch, is both gruntled and gruntles. In fact, he gruntles a lot. We can always locate him in the warehouse just by following the sounds of all the gruntling. But it's a gruntled gruntle; Max is a very happy Sasquatch. You try living outside all your life with people chasing you all over the forest trying to prove you exist. Not to mention the occasional angry bear and a complete lack of toilet paper. Max much prefers the safety of our warehouse, and beauty of Apple computers.

So back to gruntling our customers: we strive to gruntle each and every one of you by providing very personalized service on every interaction, whether you call in or send an order through our site. If you're a new customer, one of our very knowledgeable and continuously gruntled Apple Product Professionals will be assigned to you, and he or she will assist you with opinions, options and any discussions you want to have, on just about anything. We're a different Apple reseller. Ya see, other Resellers either have a phone tree that takes you through about thirty key presses only to land in voice mail, or encourage their employees to plow through as many phone calls as possible (we know of some who actually reward their phone people based on the lowest number of minutes per average call).

PowerMax encourages relationships and conversations. We want to be the oasis of personality and human touch in a sea of automation.

Speaking of working to keep you gruntled, you may not know that we have quite a bit of written information on our site about what makes PowerMax tick, including our philosophies. If you would like to know about the people you're dealing with, we supply that and more. In this day and age of web sites driven by faceless, humorless and policy-driven organizations, we kinda think that's just one of the things that makes us a bit different, and we hope you think, better.

And if you ever feel a need to add the "dis-" to our company line, we want to know, because while we're a bunch of happy, fun-loving, dedicated and knowledgeable folks, we ain't perfect just quite yet!

If you've got a minute, you might want to check out our huge selection of new Macs, used Macs, and refurbished Macs. They're here for you, after all!

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