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Why Buy From Us?

PowerMax has been selling and supporting Apple products for over twenty years.

You would be hard-pressed to find any company that is more dedicated and has more combined experience in dealing with your Macintosh. We gladly help, advise, and provide expertise on over 40,000 Macintosh items, all the while offering the lowest possible prices in a nationally competitive environment.

We have no voice mail.

We believe voice mail is one of the most evil inventions of the 20th century. Okay, maybe we're exaggerating a tad, but when you think about how hard it is to get a hold of anybody in customer service nowadays, we don't think we're far off. Next time you think about buying anything from anyone over the phone or internet, stop and think how hard it may be to deal with them if you have a problem. Do they make it easy to have a conversation with anyone in customer service, accounting or management? Do you have to request a return call via email? Do they have an 800 number for anything besides sales? Do they even have a technical support staff? At PowerMax, we're proud to say we can provide a very customer-friendly answer to each of these questions, and more.

At PowerMax, we configure systems everyday for everyone from power users to first-time home users.

Whether it's for high-end graphics, video production, pre-press work or things we haven't even dreamed of, we can customize it for you. We approach each customer with the idea that they are unique and have unique needs. Just like every Macintosh can have a customized desktop, we can customize the inside of the machine to suit your exact computing demands, and always at competitive prices.

We are one of the few Apple dealers who will take your old Mac in trade.

We give you an easy, trouble-free upgrade path from your old workhorse to the latest and greatest Macintosh system. We are also one of the few who are willing to carry used, factory refurbished, and new Macintosh. Our feeling is that no matter the system, there is a customer who might have a particular need for that item. After all, there are still plenty of pre-G3 Macs being used today. We don't force you to take what we have, we offer the entire rainbow, so you can pick the color you want or need.

We are an authorized Apple reseller who is intimately familiar with what an Apple authorization means to the end user.

We can provide information you may not know about the dangers of buying a Macintosh from someone who is not authorized. There are a lot of new Macintosh computers being sold today without full disclosure, so we encourage every customer to ask a lot of very important questions. And we can help you with what those should be.

Our salespeople are some of the most knowledgeable in the business.

They're not order takers and they do not push for a one-time sale. After all, over half our business comes from repeat and referred customers. It's also the reason why we're not one of those "24-7" internet resellers. We believe strongly that a human interface is a key ingredient to every good business transaction. We don't use automated return systems, voice mail or computer-generated messages. We also prefer our employees to have a well-rounded life that includes being with the families on weekends. The benefit to you is that anytime you do call during office hours, you will always encounter a friendly, knowledgeable consultant who is eager to provide you assistance.

We will customize your computer any way you need.

And always with an exact description as to what we are including. We are experts at configuring and designing "build to order" systems, so you get exactly what you want, not what most retail stores or mail order catalogs insist you have. Different size hard drives, variable video cards, less RAM, more RAM, multiple drive arrays and more are an everyday experience at PowerMax.

We live in Oregon.

In Oregon, there is no sales tax and the people are friendly and polite. We think it's because all the rain not only keeps our surroundings beautiful, but we feel a need to replace the usual lack of a sunny sky with a sunny disposition.

Even customized systems usually ship within 24-48 hours.

Since we specialize in customized systems, it doesn't bog us down when we do something special for a customer. Every order, and every customer, is special to us. So we don't just push them through some assembly-line like they're all the same. You want us to replace the iMac keyboard with a preferred third party keyboard? No problem. You want the computer to ship to one address and the display to another? No sweat. You want the hard drive partitioned into four partitions and to name them "Eenie, Meenie, Minie and Moe?" You got it.

All we do is Macintosh... and our company is run entirely on Macs.

We're pretty sure that when you call nearly every Mac mail order company there is and finally talk to someone who wants to "take your order," that person will have a headset on, be trained with instructions to keep the conversation to a minimum and ask for the order immediately, and will be staring at a green-lettered computer screen where they simply enter the part number and then ask for your credit card number. At PowerMax, our people are always working on a Macintosh. There is no better advice than that given from experience, and our people experience the Macintosh interface every single working day, all day long.

Give us a call or email us at sales@powermax.com

Let us know about your desires, budget, or what you plan on doing with your new Macintosh. We can give you a customized, personalized quote with the absolute latest pricing almost immediately. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome as well.

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