There is often strong brand loyalty when it comes to scanners, so we've broken them up by vendor. As usual, we have only included those from each manufacturer that we can recommend without reservation.

Epson Scanners

Epson scanners have proven to be reliable from the low-end to the high-end. Just don't scan your end.

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Canon Scanners

A long-time favorite for many of our customers

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Hewlett Packard Scanners

Hewlett Packard has been making scanners for the Mac as long as anyone.

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Fujitsu Scanners

Transform how documents are managed

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Kodak Scanners

For virtually trouble-free operation, nothing surpasses the family of document scanners from Kodak, the industry leader in production scanning

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Panasonic makes quality scanners, some of them with a wide range of uses, including irregular-sized documents and high-volume needs.

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In business since 1986, Plustek began as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many large companies, and is now one of the largest image solution providers in the world.

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