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Audio: Speakers, Mics, & Headphones

Here you will find microphones, cables, mixers, speakers, music production gear, audio packages and more.

Audio Closeouts

Listen to these great deals! (Okay, you have to settle for just looking at 'em first...)

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A Mac without speakers is like a car without, uh, well, speakers.

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Music Production

Tired of canned music? Create your own music soundtrack.

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Fix it in the mix! A mixer is a great tool to enhance and/or add multiple audio tracks to your audio production.

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Headphones and earbuds

Whether for your iPod or computer, headphones are a great way to keep your neighbors happy.

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Microphone Cables

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Microphones- Shotgun

Improve your audio by isolating your subject with a shotgun microphone.

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Microphones- Wired

Handheld, lavelier and studio microphones.

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Microphones- Wireless

Get the job done but without all the wires.

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Microphone Accessories

Shockmounts, windscreens, equalizers, special interfaces and more.

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Audio Cables

Cables to connect all your audio gear.

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Booms and Poles

Keep your mic out of the shot with a fishpole.

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