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Cases & Protectors for iPods

We make your shopping so easy -- we have categorized all of our iPod suits and cases by the type of iPod model you own.

iPod touch- 4th Generation

The latest generation iPod touch is a smidge thinner than it's predecessors, plus it has the cameras, so the cases need to accommodate these benefits.

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iPod touch- 2nd & 3rd Generation

The 2nd & 3rd generation touch (i.e. the touches introduced in Sept. 2008 until the 4th generation, which was released in Sept. 2010) all use the same cases.

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iPod touch- 1st Generation

A little thicker than subsequent touches.

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iPod classic- 120 GB and 160 GB (9/09 intro)

iPods often have slight differences that make certain cases not fit perfectly. These are all designed with the 120 GB and the most recent 160 GB in mind.

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iPod classic- All sizes

Certain cases will fit all iPod Classics. So if you're not sure which generation you have, one of these will work just dandy!

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iPod nano- 6th Generation

The nano meets the shuffle. There isn't as much need for a protective case on this model, but there are clever places to put the thing!

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iPod nano- 5th Generation

Now with a video camera built in.

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iPod nano- 4th Generation

Cool colors, cool design, the version previous to the video-capable release.

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