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The PowerMax Bargain Basement

Here you’ll always find great deals on one-of-a-kinds, overstocks, bought-one-more-than-we-should’ves, and more. New and used and some in between. Some old stuff, lots of new stuff, and sometimes things we just like selling a lot of! However, note that prices are only good on the stock we have on hand- when an item’s gone... it’s gone!


ADB, 1-2-3, let's see what deals you have for me.

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Digital Video and Photo

Taking pictures are da bomb, so we offer these deals with aplomb.

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Displays & Related Accessories

What else can we say, find a cheap display.

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Used and Refurbished iPads

These are certainly no fad, so here's your chance for a low-priced iPad!

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iPad Accessories

Don't get mad, but you gotta protect your iPad.

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iPod Accessories

Like a foot needs to be shod, so it is with an iPod.

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Used iPhones

We don't want to sound overblown, but the best deals are on used iPhones.

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iPhone Accessories

When it's time to talk wirelessly the iPhone rocks, but if you drop it on one you'll want something to absorb the shocks.

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Laptop Carrying Cases

Pack, unpack, take some flack, be a running back, but whatever you do, protect your Mac.

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Laptop Power

Until scientists make batteries last forever, we'll have this categoric endeavor.

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Learning Tools

While you won't learn to rhyme like us, you may learn how to speed up your bus.

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Mice and Keyboards

Mice are nice but keyboards are, ah, well, nice too.

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You may need cards and hubs to connect to all the other bubs.

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Printer Accessories

Sometimes we pull a boner and get stuck with old toner.

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Print it out, take a look, these deals won't hurt your pocketbook.

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RAM on the cheap if you don't mind, and some of these are quite hard to find.

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Scan the room, then scan your doc. Then hope the police don't knock.

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Some are open, some are older, some just got into our close-out folder.

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Speakers, Headphones and Audio

If it has to do with sound, these are the best deals to be found.

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Random Deals

Take this section for a spin, it's a virtual close-out bin.

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Save some face with this cheap hard drive space.

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Storage Cards and Controllers

You might be really bright by expanding your gigabytes.

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Lots of great USB accessories to explore, like mice, hubs and more.

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Video Cards

Add another display or just soup up a game, your Mac may never be the same.

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