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Many people use the Mac for audio of all types. From cheap headphones for your portable tunes to studio quality monitors we've got it all! Take a look and see what sweet music you and your Mac can make together!

Audio Interfaces

Expand your audio connectivity with these converters and interfaces.

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Booms and Poles

No, it's not some strange collection of explosions and people from Poland. This is stuff a video pro needs.

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Audio & Video Cables and Adapters

Audio & video cables for connecting mics, MIDI keyboards, musical instruments, speakers & more.

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Headphones and earbuds

Whether for your iPod or computer, headphones are a great way to keep your neighbors happy.

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Microphone Accessories

Shockmounts, windscreens, equalizers, special interfaces and more.

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Microphones- Shotgun

Just because you can hear something doesn't mean your camera mic is picking it up!

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Microphones- Wired

Here are some handy improvements over the built-in mics on your camcorder or computer.

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Microphones- Wireless

Wireless microphones give you the ability to capture sound like the pros.

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MIDI Interfaces

To connect a MIDI sound module or keyboard to your computer, check out these options.

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MIDI Keyboards

Check out these MIDI keyboards that help you create your own soundtrack or music score.

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Professional solutions for every audio need. And no, we don't sell blenders.

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Sennheiser Gear

We carry the complete line of Sennheiser gear. If you don't see something listed, just give us a call!

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An audio system without decent speakers is actually audi-no!

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