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How PowerMax Works

PowerMax works a little bit different than what you might be used to, so we thought it might be a good idea to explain it for those new to the site.

  1. You will have a Mac expert at your disposal.

    Mac ExpertWhen you contact or order from us, the Mac expert you talk to becomes your personal consultant for as long as you work with PowerMax. This means that whenever you contact us, you’ll have an expert, and even often a friend, in the computer business, ready to help you with all of your needs.

    (Of course, you can request a different consultant anytime you like… even though we take pride in the professionalism and friendliness of our people, we know that sometimes certain people are better matches than others.)

    Even when you order online, you’ll receive an email confirmation (sometimes a phone call if we need some clarification) from a real human being. We’ve automated some of our order processes, but not all of our communication processes. In fact, we refuse to adopt voice mail for that very reason. Call us up (or email) and get a real person!

  2. Personal service is available to you every step of the way.

    Personal ServiceAs the Internet has grown to become a large factor in how people shop, we’ve seen it become dominated by faceless, nameless sales processes. You purchase from a computer, you receive notices from a computer, and if you have an issue, you talk to someone (if you’re lucky) who had nothing to do with the sale. If you do talk to a sales person to make a purchase, it’s very rare that you’ll talk to the same person even a week or month later if you want something else or have some follow-up questions.

    That might be fine for ordering books or music or parts for your car, but computers are still anything but simple. There are plenty of compatibility issues and complications that most people don’t want to figure out as if it’s their livelihood… but it is ours.

    This also means if you have a problem, you talk to the person you bought it from, not another department. If you have a question about how something works (even if you’re not ready to buy—imagine that!), you have a knowledgeable consultant who is happy to talk to you anytime. And we do all this without making you join a club or pay higher prices… it’s simply the PowerMax difference.

    Since most of our sales folks have been with us for many, many years (several well over a decade), you can be pretty confident that the person you talked to a year ago about your new Mac will still be around when you call next, with knowledge as to your special and unique situation. And when, in those rare cases, one of our consultants moves on, we assign someone with similar attributes and access to all the notes he or she may have made to those accounts.

  3. Trade in & upgrade your system easily.

    By offering our extremely popular Trade-In program, we’re able to give you a one-stop source for maintaining and upgrading your equipment. Our hassle-free process ensures that you have a reliable way to trade up your hardware. In addition, it means that we have a great supply of pre-owned refurbished Macs, complete with the best warranty in the business. So in addition to expert consultation on your systems, we can offer you the world’s best choices on everything Mac, instead of always promoting the latest/greatest models (which are only sometimes the greatest for some people… but that’s not what the manufacturers want you to think).

    We also encourage our people to be brutally frank, honest to a fault, and fun-loving (Oregonians tend to be that way anyway). So if we’re a little irreverent at times, well, that’s just one more PowerMax difference. Since our largest influx of new customers is referrals from our current customers, we’re confident our customers like the difference we offer.

    So enjoy… and if you have any questions—please do call! Because PowerMax is not just about a web site… it’s about a unique, friendly, complete, and personal experience.

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