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PowerMax Is Here for You!

By Buying from an Authorized Third Party Source, You Have Two Sources for Support.

The manufacturers of any product will provide a degree of support whether you buy it from us or from them. But when you buy from us, you get very personalized, knowledgeable support on everything Apple and related, as well as the support that manufacturers offer. That's two sources of support for the price of one!

PowerMax Gives You Lots More Options Than Just About Anyone, Including the Availability of Pre-Owned Macs or Other Special Deals.

Many e-commerce sites just focus on finding a product and listing it on their site. PowerMax not only sells solutions, but we understand everyone is unique. We offer not only the latest, hottest products, but we're proud to offer the most extensive line of pre-owned Macs on the planet. Sometimes you need to replace the exact unit that just went south, or perhaps it's just a budget issue. Whatever it is, PowerMax is here to help.

PowerMax Is Here for You.

We are an advocate for our customers. We are happy to provide the interface between you and the manufacturer. A manufacturer understandably believes that the best solution is probably only what they offer, and that might not always be the case.

Large Corporations Are Forced to Operate Under Policies, Procedures and Rules.

Many companies are so large that they can't monitor every customer interaction, so they put rules and policies to cover most contingencies. But that can't cover the myriad possibilities that can happen with all of the unique customers out there. The result is that your personal issues are somewhat irrelevant to big companies because it's all one big machine. While we have over 200 employees, our management is always willing to personally intervene or get involved directly with you. At PowerMax, we like to offer very personalized service, and we listen to our customers. So when you have a situation that doesn't fit into a "box," real people with real concerns and real authority to make decisions on your behalf are listening to you.

Powermax and PayPal, now working together!

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