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Did You Know?

Most (if not all) mail order websites charge each and every third party vendor for placement on their catalogs and websites?

We feel it's important for our customers to know this because at PowerMax, we pick the products we want to sell based on customer feedback, not based on the money vendors give us. We promote the products we've been told represent a particularly good value from people just like you. We may lose a bit of revenue by taking that stand, but our commitment is to good service, fair prices, and an excellent buying experience. Once in a while we'll work out a deal with a vendor for special pricing and promotions, of course, but that's only in an effort to provide you, our customer, with a great deal based on volume sales at a great price. Otherwise, all the products you see listed throughout the site are simply there because we think you will find them a good value for the money.

Most mail order companies actually rate their phone personnel on the speed by which they get their customers off the phone?

Generally they shoot for a 2 to 3 minute average. They want you to tell them the part number and just order it. At PowerMax, we encourage our phone consultants (who are not order takers looking at green-text computer screens) to spend as much time as each customer needs to review all their options (within reason of course). Our philosophy is that we're just like a full-service local specialist/consultant who simply conducts business over the phone.

We don't use voice mail?

You will always get a real live person on the phone when you call PowerMax (that's why once in a while it rings a few more times than it should). Our feeling is that most companies use voice mail as a tool to hide behind. Just try and call any one of a number of companies for tech support or to return something or to ask a question not related to sales. The endless drone of "I'm either on the line or away from desk" messages would just about drive any sane person batty. We refuse to use voice mail except to take messages after hours, and since we employ Macintosh experts who are willing to spend a while talking to you about Mac stuff, we don't ask our employees to work at 9 PM or 3 AM. We may not be open 24 hours a day, but we believe we provide a much better mail order sales experience during the hours we are open than you can find anywhere else.

PowerMax operates only on Macintosh?

All our salespeople, accounting people, tech support personnel and management sit in front of a Macintosh. We do have to admit there are a couple of PC's scattered about the place, namely those the freight companies give us to enter our package data and a few offsite that are involved with internet service, but we're committed to the Mac platform and are in business to sell and promote the better user interface and quality of Macintosh, period. There's no "PC" division of PowerMax. We believe in the product, and will continue to sell it until that changes (or until something really a lot more cool comes along. We¹ve been looking hard at a whipped topping that¹s also a floor wax).

We may be the only reseller on the web who isn't afraid of posting honest opinions or putting magazine reviews of products on their site?

A few years ago we gained some notoriety for calling the Lime iBook "ugly" right on our front page, before it became chic to admit that it was, in fact, pretty darn ugly (granted, looks are subjective, but you really had to see the thing in person to appreciate its, ah, brightness. We didn't feel like web pictures really conveyed the true looks of the thing). Apple quickly disposed of the color and few were sold, but there wasn't anyone else out there willing to call a spade a spade. Let's face it, sometimes products just aren't quite as good as they should be, and we're not afraid to tell you that. Does that mean everything we sell is perfect? Heck no. Computer equipment by its very nature is not going to operate as advertised 100% of the time. There are so many combinations of operating systems, Mac models, peripherals, software and so on that its nearly impossible to make especially a mechanical device always work just right. But we do strive to be as honest and thorough as possible at letting you know what each product is all about.

That we're really really impressed with you if you have read all this copy?

Most people don't take the time to read the fine print, and a lot of people have a hard time reading extensive wording on a computer screen. Congratulations, you're probably very much our kind of customer.

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