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Ask Jacob

How does your stolen Mac database work?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 / Services

How and where is your stolen Mac database maintained? If my Mac were stolen how would I get my serial number to show up in your stolen Mac database?

- Jay

When you complete the web form on our stolen Mac page we generate a report and the information is then verified and committed to our database.

- Jacob

2 Responses to “How does your stolen Mac database work?”

  1. Patrick O'Hara

    I suggest that you create a database people can register their Macs before they are stolen. If they are stolen then you would already have all the information needed to return a recovered Mac.

  2. Brian M.

    For some peace-of-mind, you can check out GadgetTrak ( This is software you install yourself. If you Mac or iOS device is stolen, you can use GadgetTrak to track it via Wi-Fi positioning, get location notifications and even turn on the webcam and take photos of the thief.


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