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My Apple Mouse won’t scroll up – only down!

Thursday, September 23, 2010 / Mice, Troubleshooting

This is the second apple mouse I have bought for my Mac. The problem with both of them is they will not scroll down, just up using the little scrolling button on top. What gives?

Thanks for any help you might offer. The old one was wireless this newer one is USB – I disconnected it and plugged it back in but nothing helped.

- Nina

This is actually a dirty scroll ball issue. There is not a problem with your computer or the mouse hardware. You just need to clean the dirt out of the scroll sensor. This is so common that Apple made a demo video on how best to clean your mouse.

- Jacob

7 Responses to “My Apple Mouse won’t scroll up – only down!”

  1. Akil

    Thanks!! This worked for me!

  2. bonniemoma

    Thank you! My mouse eventually only scrolled up. You provided the solution to a minor problem, but little frustrations add up. This worked exactly as you said. I am learning a lot from your site. Thanks for including these minor details, too.

  3. Tom Paterson

    Thanks! Should have known from mice of old, pre lightbulb. Duh, but thanks!

  4. Sebastian Blain

    The advice on cleaning the mouse scroll ball worked. It was the last thing I tried because it seemed so simple. I didn’t think it would work. The ball did not look dirty at all. I grabbed a Clorox disinfecting wipe and wiped the mouse scroll ball in every direction. Then I turned the mouse upside down and did the same thing. Now it works…scrolls up and down.

  5. Valerie

    My goodness, thank you!

  6. Wonnie

    thx, this worked for me too

  7. priscilla

    this worked for me too. thanks.


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