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Quicksilver G4 hard drives – how big can these get?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 / G4, Hard Drive, PowerMac, Storage

How big a hard drive will work with my PowerMac G4 Quicksilver?

My dad had a hard drive over 100 GB that did not work in his PC a few years ago, so I know that just because a hard drive fits does not mean it is compatible. I currently have an 80 GB drive.

- Stephen

Quicksilver G4 MacThe original Quicksilver G4 PowerMac towers could only use hard drives that were 128GB or less in size. The 2002 Quicksilver G4 PowerMac tower could take any size ATA hard drive.

If you have a 733, 867 or Dual 800 MHz processor than you have the original Quicksilver. If you have a 800, 933 MHz, or Dual 1GHz processor you have the 2002 Quicksilver and can use larger hard drives.

Hope this helps.
- Jacob

One Response to “Quicksilver G4 hard drives – how big can these get?”

  1. tom randol

    Actually, you can use any size drive you like BUT the deal is this, for some quirky reason , known only to the Apple “Braniac” who embedded the code for the series, the OS will only “recognize, see, or use” the FIRST 128 GB of what ever drive is made available to it.*
    Solution: Partition the drive so that the FIRST partition is 125GB — I have a 300GB WD in first position and a 250 GB in second.
    This brings up another point, always use “cable select”, this gives you the option of switching off primary and secondary as default rather than using “key commands” or System Prefs Start-up Disk for troubleshooting.
    So, my first IDE channel has a 300 GB drive and a 250 GB drive. The first has OS 10.4.11 on the first 125 GB the second has OS 10.9 on the first 125 GB as a fall back. It only matters what is at the end of that ribbon cable –THAT is the start up disk. (This was a workaround due to Safari crashing for no apparent reason all the time in 11 — turned out to be a font conflict, go figure.

    I ditched the Zip drive, never liked them any way. Upgraded to a Pioneer 112D with updated firmware which shares the second IDE channel with another 300GB WD drive

    To further push my storage envelope I installed an ATA 133 PCI card and four more large IDE drives which the system thinks are SCSI drives.

    Seven drives over a Terabyte of storage. Not bad for spit n’ bailin’ wire!

    I have had the best time keeping this system up and running but it is flawed. It is only 500M Hz although a G4DP with A 100 MHZ Bus.

    i just got an inheritance and i am going to buy new for the first time since my Quadra 650!

    Yep, I am going for the fastest Mac Book Pro I can find and a comfortable chair to put in front of it, a Herman Miller Aerion i think!

    Sorry to go on so long! Great site!

    *Back in The G3 Mini Tower days, the world of Beige, you had to install OS 10.1.1 on ONLY the first 8 GB of the drive along with a program called Ex Post Facto and then only after you had installed Classic 9.2.2 . Ah! The glory days of legacy Mac!


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