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How can I best manage contacts with my Mac?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 / G5, Software


We were trying to use AddressBookServer to sync our address books and were having multiple problems that the writers of the program couldn’t seem to help with so after spending hours trying to get this to work, we have now deleted the program from our system.

Do you have any way (besides through gmail) for us to be able to sync information on the Address Book or is there any software available that you know of for, basically, contact management?

Please advise. Thank you.

- Jan

Well there are plenty of options for you. We have a business sales team that uses a product called Daylite to manage contacts and it works well for the mobile sales force.

Take a look at the product and try the Demo. It could be more than what you are looking for but it would solve the problem you are having and help you in other areas.

Other than that, consider a MobileMe account. That will let you keep many things in sync without needing to rely on none-Apple software.

- Jacob

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